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Implementation of schedule

Harmonogram realizacji w planie marketingowym

Schedule is a tool that allows you to plan in time activities that are meant for further implementation. On its basis, you can state what actions will be undertaken and when they will be accomplished and determine whether you are dealing with a delay, or whether everything goes according to plan.

The schedule can be put in various ways. The simplest one is associated with detailing specific actions and stating when they are to be finished. More complex one will take into account the duration of operations, dependence on other actions (e.g. in a situation when one activity can not start before the end of a previous one).

However, in the above case it is not about the schedule in the strict sense, because when a person responsible for the company planning says about the schedule, what he/she has in mind is a technique developed by K. Adamiecki and H.L.Gantt at the beginning of the twentieth century. According to it, planning proceeds with the use of a graphical chart. If you want to prepare such a schedule refer to the article How to write a schedule, which shows the entire process step by step.

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