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Summary of the marketing plan

Streszczenie planu marketingowego

Summary is the first part of marketing plan, although it is written at the end of works. It outlines the main points and objectives of the entire document. It should contain the most important information that will help understand the essence of the marketing plan that is presented.

You need to describe there the market, customers, major competitors and a type of advantage over them. You should show what the marketing objectives of the company are, describe the product and its types. You should write about defined ways of achieving the objectives, what the strategy is, what actions it was divided to and what the next steps of reaching the target are. It is necessary to refer to the financial side of the project, that is, taking into account sales volume, which will be reached in the course of marketing activities and costs connected with it that company will bear.

This summary is usually written for the company management, which does not have much time to become acquainted in details with such a long document. It is not worth to exaggerate with the amount of information placed in the summary in order not to get the reader bored, but they also need to be extracted in a thoughtful way to conclude it with what is the most important.

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