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Promotion and promotion strategy

Promocja i strategia promocji w planie marketingowym

The promotion is a part of the marketing mix, it is a group of marketing instruments having influence on the market. It involves communicating the information about the product. Effective promotion must take into consideration the expectations of the audience which it is addressed to. Once it was identified with a monologue from the company, but now the emphasis is on a dialogue with the client, which is encouraged by modern means of communication. This allows to get a feedback from the customer, which is not to be overestimated.

Promotion strategy is therefore planned actions that are meant to cause changes in behaviour of buyers and persuade them to buy a product or a service sold by a company. Potential customers should be informed about the product, convinced that it is worth having it and touted to purchase it.

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, you need to coordinate content of the message and the way of providing information concerning the product or company. It is necessary, at this stage, to indicate who the target customers of the product are, what the price is and how much the available budget is, as well as, a selection of communication tools, planning surveys. It is worth to found it on previously conducted analysis SWOT.

The wording of the promotion strategy requires a number of operations to be undertaken by the company. Firstly, the purpose or purposes of promotion should be determined. They are derived from the company’s goals. Secondly, the recipients of the message should be indicated. They can be: customers, wholesalers, retailers, opinion leaders and the like. The customers can be reached through certain media such as newspapers, radio, television, internet, conferences, exhibitions, posters, etc. The method of informing should be specified, and that includes promotional materials, leaflets, photos. The choice is a subject to budget designed for promotion.

Figure 1. Activities related to formulation of the promotion strategy
Activities related to formulation of the promotion strategy
Source: Own study based on: A. Pomykalski, Nowoczesne strategie marketingowe, Warszawa: 2001, s. 149.

The literature mentions four main instruments to communicate with the audience. These are:

1. Advertising

Advertising is the communication with the customers, which is extended with the use of paid media. It gives company the capability to control the content and means of communication. A key factor is to term goals precisely that you can achieve through its usage. At the early stage of the product life- cycle, most often, the purpose of advertising is to create awareness of the existence of the product and to encourage the customer to get acquainted with it closely. You can also use it to distinguish the product from the competition or to transfer some ideas.

While taking advantage of ad, you have to decide what content you want to communicate and by what media. It is often related to the question of the available budget, and the type of customers you want the message to reach.

Examples: television advertising, radio advertising, press advertising, brochures, billboards.

You use the table presented below:

No. Type of advertising Name and description of advertising media Period of activity Costs

2. Personal promotion

It is a personal communication based on talking with the client (“one-to-one”, a phone call) or a contact by mail. This puts the buyer under pressure, gives the need to continue shopping. Personal sale is often rather expensive, that is why it is used in relation to selected products.

Examples: meeting with customers, promotional campaigns using e-mail, telemarketing, letters sent by mail, presentations, TV programmes with option of purchasing.

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