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Promotion and promotion strategy

Promocja i strategia promocji w planie marketingowym

The promotion is a part of the marketing mix, it is a group of marketing instruments having influence on the market. It involves communicating the information about the product. Effective promotion must take into consideration the expectations of the audience which it is addressed to. Once it was identified with a monologue from the company, but now the emphasis is on a dialogue with the client, which is encouraged by modern means of communication. This allows to get a feedback from the customer, which is not to be overestimated.
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Distribution and distribution strategy

Kanały dystrybucji i strategia dystrybucji

When referring to the distribution channels, we have in mind a tactical program corresponding to one of elements of the marketing mix. Distribution channels are an essential link in the process of marketing activity, because thanks to them a product or a service can be provided to the customer. They play the role of an intermediary between the manufacturer and the customer.

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Product and product strategy

Produkt i strategia produktu w planie marketingowym

When referring to the product, it is about tactical program corresponding to one of the elements of the marketing mix. The product is the most important element of the “marketing composition” (the so-called marketing mix). The product is all that you can offer a customer to buy, use, consume, in order to satisfy his/her needs or wishes. It should be shown in terms of customer’s benefits, i.e. what he needs your product for. Remember that if he wants to drive from point A to point B, it does not necessarily mean that he would buy a car.

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